“Weird” Al Yankovic laments never getting to do Prince parody

He”s parodied everyone from Nirvana to The Kinks to Michael Jackson. But there was one person “Weird” Al Yankovic never got a chance to goof on – Prince. And sadly, with the artist”s passing earlier this year, Yankovic probably never will.

In an interview with People magazine, the man behind such classics as “Like a Surgeon” and “I Lost on Jeopardy” explained that the Purple One rebuffed his ideas.

“It's too bad,” Yankovic said. “I hadn't approached him in about 20 years because he always said no, but I had this fantasy that he'd come out with a new song, I'd have a great idea, he'd finally say yes and it would erase decades of weirdness between us. But that's obviously not going to be the case.”

Yankovic continued, ”I had a parody of 'Let's Go Crazy' that was about The Beverly Hillbillies…And I wanted to do something funny with 'When Doves Cry,' and 'Kiss.' For '1999,' I wanted to do an infomercial where you could get anything you wanted by dialing 1-800-something-1999.”

Jankovic has released 14 studio albums over the past 30+ years. His most recent album, 2014″s Mandatory Fun, was his first U.S. chart topper. Yankovic is set to release a box set in 2017.