Enjoy the Genuinely Uncanny Fake Bojack Horseman Site

04.08.15 4 years ago

Our weekly column in which writers reveal the odd little corners of the internet that have become their personal obsessions.

Of all the weirdness in the internet, there”s one little page I”ve found myself coming back to again and again the past few weeks: the fake webpage for the fictional animated characters who is the name sake of the Netflix series “Bojack Horseman.”

On the show, the hero, besides being a cartoon horse, is the washed up former star of a 70″s TV show still desperately clutching the last shards of fame.  T

The official fake site recreates the homepage Bojack would have had at the height of his glory. Its genius is in how perfectly it recaptures the look, feel and tropes of the early internet, circa the Geocities era, from the glaring patterned purple background, to the broken links, and the flaming visitors counter, to the clip art comedy featuring, of course, Judge Ito.

It”s just one page but I”ve already put in hours gazing upon it, remembering when the internet was just a gleam in the eyes of an innocent world.  Enjoy!

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