The ‘Westworld’ Season 2 Trailer Had A Second Trailer Hidden Inside It


Yesterday, Westworld rolled out a trailer that revealed the robot rebellion was well and truly on, y’all. But, it’s Westworld, so it hid a trailer inside its trailer, and ah yes, here’s the really freaky stuff.

Westworld has always had the question hanging over it about whether the “humans” are really, y’know, humans or just hosts that haven’t become self-aware yet, and this trailer, a glitchy corporate video hyping up Delos, the company behind the hosts, pretty much underlines and circles that question while raising its eyebrows and gesticulating wildly. Look at how good its robots are! Look at all these happy smiling people! There is absolutely nothing suspicious about a company that’s learned to manufacture slaves you can commit horrible crimes against, especially when they end their ads with what looks like a password and an order to “wait for directives!” Not even Veridian Dynamics got this creepy, and they were threatening people by the end there.

So, yeah, if it wasn’t already clear this question is going to have at least a role in the second season, then they’ve more or less made it clear we can’t trust anybody. But if this is true, then it raises another question: Namely, why do the robots think they’re humans? Who put them there? And if everyone’s a host, where are the humans? We’ll find out if these are legitimate questions April 22nd.