What tracks from Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ are early fan favorites?

Lady Gaga”s endless promotional tour rolls on: she”s on the cover of “Rolling Stone,” she”s on “American Idol” tonight and her MTV documentary airs soon. After that, she”ll start going house to house to make sure we”ve all bought our copy of “Born This Way.”

But what is actually selling? The album is No. 1 on iTunes and is poised to sell between 850,000 and 900,000 in its first week. This includes the somewhat suspect deal (others would just call it good marketing) with Amazon, which sold the entire album for 99 cents on Monday, as well as Best Buy”s decision to give away the album to everyone who buys a Smart Phone.

iTunes Top Songs chart reveals that fans are cherry picking songs and finding their own favorites, regardless of what is being pushed at radio. “You and I,” the power piano ballad produced by Robert “Mutt” Lange (best known for his work with Def Leppard and ex-wife Shania Twain) is No. 7 on the list, while current single “The Edge of Glory”  and first single  “Born This Way” also make the top 20 at Nos. 15 and 20 respectively.  Second single “Judas” stands at No. 43.

“You and I” was the first song Gaga played for her Little Monsters from the new album, way back last summer and it’s been a consistent show stopper in concert.  Maybe Interscope should make it official and name “You and I” the next single–although the fact that it’s peaking in digital sales right now would hurt its performance on the Billboard Hot 100. Speaking of, if the song continue to sell this strongly, it could make a pretty high debut on the Billboard Hot 100 next week.  In fact, that may be one reason it is leading the charge:  fans of the previous singles have already downloaded them, so it’s not surprising they aren’t at the top of the pack.

We know country radio turned up its nose at the “country roads” remix of “Born This Way,” but we think the format should give “You and I” a twirl. Even though Lange didn”t write it, as he did most of Twain”s tunes, the production sounds like something straight off of one of Twain”s albums.

What’s your favorite single off “Born this Way”? Share your thoughts below.