‘What Women Want In Women Characters’ art project kicks the male gaze in the teeth

Historically genre fiction – and for that matter MOST fiction – has been aimed with laser focus at heterosexual dudes. Women were there to be rescued if damseled, or shoved into skimpy outfits and ogled if competent fighters. Even Samus Aran, who is the definition of the Action Girl trope, is reduced to her skivvies as a reward for quick game completion.

For a time, everyone from Princess Peach to Emma Frost, ladies were less people than plot points with cleavage. Those costume designs still bleed over into today. But what if they didn”t have to? Over at Muddy Colors, Lauren Panepinto has collected fan art that redresses these iconic women as imagined by…women.

#1: Samus Aran by Anna Fehr.
The Zero Suit makes great underwear for the Metroid armor…less so for battle.

#2: Emma Frost by Vlada Monakhova.
Emma loves to be inappropriately sexy, but she doesn”t have to be cold, too.

#3: Taarna the Tarakkian by Melissa Gay.
Ultimate warrior needs armor badly!

#4: Scarlet Witch by Belinda Morris.
Morris introduced elements of Wanda”s Romani childhood into her costume.

#5: Princess Peach by Kirbi Fagan.
If someone doesn”t cosplay what is basically Tank Girl Princess Peach, I might cry.

And many, many more! Head over to Muddy Colors to see the whole collection and read about why it”s so important to keep pushing to portray women as people in pop culture.