What’s the best werewolf movie of the 1980s?

The '80s was a great decade for werewolf movies. 1981 alone gave us two stone-cold classics of the genre: Joe Dante's “The Howling” and John Landis's “An American Werewolf in London.” But what of Michael Wadleigh's “Wolfen”? The 1981 adaptation of Whitley Strieber's novel may be less fondly remembered than its contemporaries, but it enjoys something of a cult status today, hailed by admirers for its mixture of social commentary, police procedural and straightforward horror elements. (Some would even argue that it's not really a werewolf movie at all.)

Now, more than 30 years on from its theatrical debut, “Wolfen” is hitting Blu-ray for the first time — and to mark the occasion we're posing the question: what is the best werewolf movie of the 1980s? Are you a “Company of Wolves” adherent? A “Teen Wolf” aficionado? Or do you prefer the low-budget charm of Larry Cohen's “Full Moon High”? The schlocky Alice Cooper flick “Monster Dog”? Hell, maybe you're even a fan of one of that decade's shoestring “Howling” sequels? Or “Teen Wolf Too” starring a “Hogan Family”-era Jason Bateman? Or the 1989 Susan Blakely gem “My Mom's a Werewolf,” even? Be honest. There are no judgments here!

Vote for your favorite in the poll below.