Who would have made the best Captain America (and Red Skull) over the years?

(CBR) In Chris Evans, Marvel Studios found the perfect Captain America for its shared cinematic universe; that perfect combination of all-American good looks, restrained heroism, strength and dignity. For eight decades, Cap has stood as a shining example of what is best about America, inspiring fans through his heroic exploits. From his Nazi-smashing days of the 1940s to his espionage-laden thrillers of the modern era, comic book readers have long known what's so special about the star-spangled Avenger but aside from a few unsuccessful attempts, it wasn't until 2012 that Cap made it to the big screen in all his red, white and blue glory.

But, what if…? Had Cap become a big screen sensation in the past, he could have blazed a trail of glory over the battle fields of World War II in the '40s, fought the Red Menace of the '50s, been a man out of time in the '60s or questioned his patriotic identity in the '70s! And while we're pondering those possible alternate reality blockbuster films, we have to wonder who would have been the perfect nemesis to face off against each era's hero? Join CBR as we run down our choices for a Captain America — and Red Skull — through the decades.