Why Chrissy Teigen hosted the Billboard Music Awards? ‘I’m banging a musician’

Surprise! Ludacris and Chrissy Teigen hosted the 2015 Billboard Awards. And why is Chrissy Teigen — Sports Illustrated model — hosting a music awards show?

“I'm banging a musician!” she said enthusiastically at the top of the three-hour televised show.

Yes, sex and music are natural bedfellows. But in order to nip the question “No, really, just why is Chrissy Teigen hosting a music show?” in the bud, the show's writers decided to literally pair Ludacris' artistic credentials with Teigen's résumé: that she beds husband John Legend.

The “All Of Me” muse spent other parts of the introduction with other one-notes: after teasing  performances from Nicki Minaj to Hozier (poor guy, always with the name jabs), the “joke” was the mispronunciation of the word…

“Did I say that right?”

“Minaj,” Ludacris said.

“Oh,” Teigen, part-time food blogger, said through an aw-shucks smile. “I can't do those anymore.”

Then for another intro: “Here's a woman whose butt I touched on the cover of Sports Illustrated…”

And another: “Something we can all relate to is being in love with Uma Thurman.”

And another, introducing Legend as “a guy who is like a brother to me” (lolololol) in a duet with Meghan Trainor: afterward, “That was lot of… natural chemistry up there… I'm a little jealous.”