The Winter Soldier’s Character Poster Shows Marvel Knows What Ladies Want

After revealing all the heroes that will be making an appearance in the upcoming 'Captain America' sequel, Marvel finally unveiled the character poster for the titular Winter Soldier. Now – as I've pointed out in the past – movie posters have a tendency to put ladies into 'butt pose' with things like spines and physics be damned!

But Marvel said 'NO MORE! No longer will female fans long for the ability to objectify the male leads of our films. NAY! We shall equal the playing field with ogling for all.' And lo it came to be that the Winter Soldier turned his back to the camera and looked coquettishly over one shoulder. He even has his gun on display for maximum innuendo. 

Photo Credit: Marvel via Digital Spy

Of course, Marvel isn't alone in spearheading this movement. Why, only a scant few months ago Legolas turned on the charm – and his glutes. This even allowed Tauriel the most coveted of all action heroine poses…the front facing action shot. Bless these men for their commitment to equality and let's hope more jump on board in the future. 

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. via Superhero Hype