‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Funny Fan Posters Imagine A Very ’80s Justice League

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07.09.18 4 Comments


Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman and its sequel (Wonder Woman 1984), recently revealed the title of the sequel and got out ahead of anyone whining about spoilers by releasing two photos from the sequel, including one which revealed Chris Pine is somehow in this movie set in 1984, and he’s making a fanny pack look almost acceptable. That jibes with a rumor from 2015 about Chris Pine playing both Steve Trevor and his grandson.

Now a fan on Twitter has extended the ’80s look of Diana and Steve to other Justice League members. Are they going to be in a movie set in 1984? Probably not. Is that going to stop Boss Logic from photoshopping Superman with a decidedly not CGI mustache and a power mullet? Thankfully no:

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