‘Wonder Woman’ Director Patty Jenkins Will Take Home A Historic Paycheck For The Sequel

Wonder Woman can’t stop breaking records. From becoming the best-reviewed superhero movie and top-grossing opening weekend for female-directed film to sailing past Batman v Superman at the domestic box office to become the highest-grossing film directed by a woman of all time, the film has been a bright spot in the summer movie season.

All of these accolades are vindication for director Patty Jenkins, who first campaigned to direct Wondy over a decade ago. But even with Wonder Woman shattering records left and right, there was still a question as to whether or not Jenkins would return to helm the film’s sequel. In a stunning oversight, Warner Bros. did not lock Jenkins down with a contract when she signed on for Wonder Woman, which meant the director had all the bargaining chips when it came to negotiating her return. And no one doubted for a moment that Warner Bros. wanted Jenkins back; after all they’re supposedly ramping up an Oscar-campaign for her.

Now Deadline is reporting the studio and Jenkins are in the final stages of reaching a deal. In an historic moment of equality, Jenkins will receive the highest payday of any female director in Hollywood. From Deadline:

Although no payday was revealed, we understand that her payday and deal is in line with any other director who has performed at this level.

Barring any last-second hiccups, it looks as if Wonder Woman will not only push the needle in Hollywood towards more female-led action films, but stand as a watershed moment for women working behind the camera as well.