‘X Factor’s’ Tate Stevens reveals cover art and track listing for debut set

Tate Stevens, “The X Factor”s” season two winner, will release his self-titled Syco/RCA Nashville set on April 23. Today, he revealed the album art and track listing.

As the listing reveals, the country singer co-wrote three of the 11 tracks on the set. For many of the other selections, he corralled in some of Nashville”s top songwriters, including Rivers Rutherford, Dallas Davidson and Ben Hayslip for “That”s How You Get the Girl,” as well as Bradley Gaskin, a performer in his own right, for first single,  “Power Of a Love Song.”

“Since winning ‘The X Factor,” we”ve listened to hundreds of songs and set a ton of writing appointments with some of Nashville”s best songwriters. The outcome is a collection of 11 songs I”m really proud of, and I can”t wait to get this record out there.” Blake Chancey produced the set.

“Tate Stevens” track listing

1. “I Got This”
Tate Stevens/Joe Diffie/Wade Kirby/Phil O’Donnell
2. “Can’t Get Nothin’ Done”
Tate Stevens/Ashley Gorley/Wade Kirby/Phil O’Donnell
3. “Ride It Out”
Tate Stevens/Shane Minor/David Lee Murphy
4. “Power Of A Love Song”
Jeremy Bussey/Bradley Gaskin/Marcus Franklin Johnson
5. “Sweet”
Kelly Garrett/Kendell Marvel/Tim Owens
6. “That’s Where We Live”
Carson Chamberlain/Wade Kirby/Phil O’Donnell
7. “El Camino”
Chris Hennessee/Donny Lowery
8. “That’s How You Get The Girl”
Dallas Davidson/Ben Hayslip/Rivers Rutherford
9. “Ordinary Angels”
Victoria Banks/Phil Barton/Emily Shackleton
10. “The Last Thing I Do”
David Lee Murphy/Kim Tribble
11. “Holler If You’re With Me”
Jeremy Bussey/Drew Davis