Xena defeats ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Walter White to win first Heroes vs. Villains tournament

Over 1.2 million votes later and HitFix's inaugural Heroes vs. Villains tournament has its first champion: Xena.

The Warrior Princess had an extremely difficult road to the finals, but she took out every contender she encountered. In the Heroes bracket, Wonder Woman, “24's” Jack Bauer, Doctor Who, Buffy and even 75-year-old Batman didn't have the goods to stop her.  “Breaking Bad's” Walter White met Xena in the finals.  White had taken out Spike from “Buffy,” Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons,” Tony Soprano and Batman's own nemesis, The Joker. The HitFix editorial team thought it would be a close fight, but like the Seattle Seahawks thrashing of the Denver Broncos during this year's Super Bowl it wasn't even close.

Xena defeated White with 78% of the vote. To say she dominated the Meth Dealer would be something of an understatement.

HitFix congratulates the TV icon. Her fans now have another piece of ammunition to try and convince NBCUniversal to bring the character to the big screen or back to television.

All hail Xena!

What did you think of this year's Heroes vs. Villains tourney?  Should we do it again next year?  Any suggestions? Let us know in the comments.