You won’t believe what Lady Gaga handed Ryan Murphy the first day of shooting ‘AHS: Hotel’

Lady Gaga may not be the inescapable pop-cultural phenomenon she once was — it's hard to imagine anyone keeping up that kind of momentum — but she's still a pro at drumming up publicity, as a new interview from the set of “American Horror Story: Hotel” proves.

As the singer told a group of reporters on Wednesday, she was so nervous on her first day of shooting the new season of the FX horror anthology series that she threw up in her Rolls Royce on the way to the set — then handed the bag of her vomit to creator Ryan Murphy upon arriving. 

“I threw up in the plastic bag and I saved it and brought it to Ryan Murphy,” said Gaga. “He was like, ‘Oh, you think you can disgust me? You can”t.” The thing is, you think you can”t get anything past him, but then he met me. And I”ll bring him a bag of my own vomit to the set.”

In another alarming anecdote from the presser, she claimed to have disappeared so fully into the role of the bloodthirsty Countess that she's even started to think like her.

“If I”m out at a restaurant or I”m in the car and we”re driving past people, I sort of look at them and wonder, ‘Gee, I wonder if you”re clean. I wonder, if I were to kill you, if it would be worth it for me,'” she said.

Never stop frightening us with your ghoulish soundbites, Gaga.