Your favorite ‘Stranger Things’ star wants a chance at a Marvel movie role

Stranger Things has been a critical hit for Netflix but one of its stars is ready to move onto bigger things. For instance, the Marvel cinematic universe.

Note: I'm not going to discuss Stranger Things spoilers here so please do your fellow viewers a favor and resist doing so in the comments. We've certainly got some other posts for that on the site.

The Netflix series has definitely referenced superheroes but the character Shannon Purser, who plays our beloved Barb on the show, would want to play hadn't even been invented during the show's time period.

It's Squirrel Girl!


Fans seemed enthusiastic about the news if her replies are any indication and a Marvel editor already invited her to stop by their headquarters in New York if she's ever in town.


Barb wasn't a lead character in Stranger Things but what we did see of her left a big impression on a lot of folks. It also happened to be Purser's first acting experience. While someone like Anna Kendrick, who also seemed to be vying for the role recently, would probably bring more people to theaters, I'd be thrilled if they gave Purser a chance.

Alan Sepinwall has spoke about wanting to see Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (the series by Ryan North and Erica Henderson) come to life as a show but is a Squirrel Girl movie or TV show likely? Probably not considering the current Marvel slate but I wouldn't be surprised if she showed up as a supporting character somewhere down the road.

For anyone interested, North and Henderson's The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe graphic novel will be available this October.

She”s beaten Thanos. She”s bested Galactus. She”s thwarted Doctor Doom (twice, but who”s counting?). But in this all-new graphic novel, she”ll take on her most dangerous, most powerful and most unbeatable enemy yet: HERSELF! Specifically, an evil duplicate created through all manner of mad science (computer and regular type). So what happens when two Unbeatable Squirrel Girls clash? You”ll have to wait to find out, but believe us – it”s going to be NUTS!

Spinning out of the hit series everyone is talking about, THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL BEATS UP THE MARVEL UNIVERSE! OGN is perfect for new readers, but also set within continuity for die-hard fans. Presented in a hardcover format, Doreen Green”s first Original Graphic Novel marks another stellar entry into Marvel”s growing OGN line including Avengers: Rage of Ultron, Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business and the upcoming Deadpool: Bad Blood.

It will also be available digitally.