Zombie skateboarders, Thai food and more in Real Estate’s ‘Crime’ video

Some parodies work because they are just the slightest exaggeration with how it seems to work in real life. Such is the case with Real Estate”s “Crime” video, which debuted on Funny or Die.

Playing fictionalized director Tom Scharpling  (or “auteur,” as he prefers to be known), Comedy Central”s Andy Daly explains that he is broke and, therefore, he”s sold the creative direction of the video to three different people and, therefore, they determine the script. Their collective mandate is to have a video that features undead sports enthusiasts, use of the various ceramic figurines made by one of the new video owners, and an overall theme that supports core values of the good old days.  To make a little more dough, Scharpling received $200 from the local Thai restaurant and some money from the Westboro Baptist Church. Additionally, he needs to shoehorn in a celebrity appearance (by Nick Kroll) and showcase the album cover at least four times.

So what does that get us? A video that features zombie skateboarders, who, in keeping with the past days theme, switch into Barbershop Quartet suits, and the people who fend them off, using ceramic figurines. And at least four shots of the album cover and Kroll. And the Westboro Baptist Church, who protests the video shoot and the band for reasons unknown…as if they need a reason

“Crime” is a lovely, Shins-like number from the New Jersey-based indie band's current album, “Atlas.” 

All this and Thai food too!

Given how many product placements show up in music videos these days, the idea of paying off the plot points to the highest bidders isn't so farfetched and is actually much less offensive in some ways than the constant barrage of perfumes, liquor and electronic placements we're subjected to now.