Beabadoobee Delivered An Emotive, Sprawling Tiny Desk Performance

Beabadoobee is having a big year, what with the release of her new album Beatopia and her taking it on the road on a massive tour alongside Lowertown. Though she’s still out doing shows, the musician just stopped by NPR’s office to do a Tiny Desk performance.

The stripped-down session is enchanting and shows off the natural beauty of Bea’s vocals. She sang “See You Soon,” “The Perfect Pair,” “Ripples,” and “Glue.” There’s even a gorgeous string section to make the songs even more sprawling and bright.

Upon releasing the song “See You Soon,” Bea said about the track, “I feel like the idea behind ‘See You Soon’ is that it’s meant to make you feel like you’re tripping on shrooms. Or, I feel like the chorus especially, I want it to sound like a breath of fresh air, like a realization of some sort. I wrote it during a time where I was away a lot and making a lot of mistakes and doing a lot of things to help me figure a lot of stuff out. And I feel like I found the importance of doing that really, it was really therapeutic because it made me appreciate everything around me so much more.”

Watch her Tiny Desk performance above.