What Was Blink-182’s Last Album With Tom DeLonge?

After months (years really) of rumors, it was announced this week that vocalist and guitarist Tom DeLonge has rejoined Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker in Blink-182 after splitting ways with the band in 2015. The band also announced a new album, a tour, and a new song called ‘Edging.’ DeLonge already called the new album, “the best album of our career.” But even though DeLonge left the band seven years ago, his last album with Blink came way before that.

What Was Blink-182’s Last Album With Tom DeLonge?

Blink-182 currently have nine studio albums. The run began with the epic debut, Cheshire Cat, in 1995, and the alt-radio smash Dude Ranch, in 1997. Barker replaced Scott Raynor drummer and joined DeLonge and Hoppus for good beginning with Blink-182’s best selling album, Enema Of the State, in 1999. The band stayed together for three more albums from there and the last Blink-182 album that Tom DeLonge was a part of, was Neighborhoods in 2011.

In 2015, DeLonge left the band on rather questionable terms. Barker characterized his departure as “ungrateful, disingenuous,” in an interview with Rolling Stone. With Hoppus adding that, “To be honest, I wasn’t that surprised because his attitude leading up to that had been not excited and not interested.”

Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba took over for DeLonge in 2016. Skiba was with Blink-182 for two albums: California in 2016 and Nine in 2019. And Skiba has been somewhat out of the loop on DeLonge’s return along with his own place in the band. Skiba indicated in July that he wasn’t even sure if he was in the band anymore. Well know he (and we know) that Blink-182 are back to their original lineup and lots more is in store. Whether the return is a harmonious one remains to be seen.

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