Grimes Defends Elon Musk Against Allegations He’s Destroying ‘The Planet And Humanity’

Earlier this year, it was declared that Elon Musk was the richest person on the planet (although it seems Jeff Bezos has since reclaimed that title). The upcoming Saturday Night Live host often faces criticism for one reason or another, and now Grimes has jumped to his defense on TikTok.

Yesterday, Grimes shared a video of herself dancing with a sword to The Weeknd and Ariana Grande’s “Save Your Tears” remix, and as Stereogum reports, a TikTok user asked Grimes in the comments how she is “ACTIVELY SLEEP1NG WITH THE MAN WHO LOTERALLY DESTROY THE PLANET AND HUMANITY,” to which she responded, “How is he doing these things? His whole career is about making travel/house power etc. sustainable and green. It’s worth a deep dive.” Another user asked if Musk is a men’s rights activist and Grimes replied, “He’s not. Def he’s been very immature at points on Twitter but for ex the president of SpaceX is a woman, as is his right hand at Neuralink etc.”

Somebody else asked who Grimes is trying to convince with her answers and Grimes replied, “I don’t need to convince anyone haha. I accept this discourse. I’m just rly close to it so sum times I try to correct the misconceptions haha.”

Aside from sword-dancing, Grimes is also in the process of healing from getting a gigantic full-back tattoo.