Billboards Promoting Grimes’ New Album ‘Miss Anthropocene’ Say ‘Global Warming Is Good’

Grimes is the kind of artist who is always urging her listeners and fans to dig deeper into questions about everything around them, but today she’s taken a stance that’s surprising even for her. On the cusp of releasing her new long-awaited album, Miss Anthropocene, and in between maybe announcing that she’s pregnant (?) — although War Nymph is unrelated, to be clear — recently the singer launched a series of billboards and tweets that proclaim: Global Warming is good.

Obviously fans spotting the outdoor advertisements have been skeptical:

This comes on the heels of Grimes posting the sentiment on her own Twitter feed, as part of a longer, uh, proclamation on her Twitter:

Full text copied below:

Poet of destruction,
hereby declare that Global Warming is good.

So, you humans have carved your existence into the earth,
lest you be forgotten.
Why lament?


Be who you are, embrace your demise,
For you are the architect of it.

How smart you are, to eradicate a species as resilient as your own.
Why deny your power?


It’s the greatest show in the universe.
Celebrate with me, the most momentous of deaths.

Now is the time to burn twice as bright and half as long


Miss Anthropocene 🕯

No word yet on what her maybe boyfriend/maybe baby daddy Elon Musk thinks about this plot twist. But I will say, Global Warming Is Good has big Kanye West In A MAGA Hat energy. Wasn’t 2020 supposed to be the year things got better?