Liam Gallagher Insists Oasis ‘Ain’t Reforming’ But Offers A Tiny Glimmer Of Hope Nonetheless

In 2020, Liam Gallagher gave Oasis fans hope that the legendary band would finally be reuniting by telling Noel Gallagher that 2021 would be “our year.” He’s singing a very different tune in 2022, though, and it’s definitely not an Oasis one.

He teased some major news yesterday, writing on Twitter, “Big announcement tmoz and I mean BIG bigger than my nose bigger than rkids rite said Fred f*cking massive so stay tuned LG x.” Some fans in the replies thought maybe this announcement would have to do with an Oasis reunion. Then, he reiterated today that he has big news coming, tweeting, “Evening Rastas more big news tmoz bigger than my mouth and that’s BIG I hear ya say any way sleep tight and c’mon the arsenal LG x.”

He quickly added to the tweet by answering the Oasis questions while not necessarily closing the door on the idea of a reunion, tweeting, “And just a heads up oasis ain’t reforming not this [week] anyway LG x.”

While Oasis hasn’t been active for some time now, there would certainly be some interest in a reunion: Both Gallagher brothers have enjoyed successful solo careers since the band came to an end, and Oasis’ music continues to resonate as “Wonderwall” was the first ’90s song to eclipse a billion Spotify streams.