Noel Gallagher Criticizes Prince Harry For Dissing His Family After Insulting His Own Brother For Years

Oasis founding members Noel and Liam Gallagher have seemed to put their differences aside in recent years, even sparking rumors of a reunion tour. They may be on good terms for now, but it hasn’t always been that way. Both brothers have gained a reputation of hurling expert insults at each other nearly every chance they get. While Noel has consistently dissed his own brother, he apparently doesn’t think everyone else should hold the same contempt for family members — especially Prince Harry.

Speaking in an interview with British tabloid The Sun, Gallagher compared himself to the older royal brother. “Prince William. I feel that f*cking lad’s pain,” he said. “He’s got a f*cking younger brother shooting his f*cking mouth off with sh*t that is just so unnecessary. I’d like to think I was always the William.”

Gallagher then went on to fire off his critique of Prince Harry, who recently split with the royal family and moved the the US. “But Prince Harry is coming across like a typical f*cking woke snowflake, f*cking asshole. Just don’t be f*cking dissing your family because there’s no need for it,” he said, adding a diss about Meghan for good measure. “This is what happens when you get involved with Americans. As simple as that.”

While Gallagher doesn’t think Harry should speak poorly about his family, the musician himself has done his fair share of family insults. Since forming Oasis in the ’90s, Noel and Liam Gallagher have fought each other, sued each other, and publicly dissed each other in interviews, on stage, and in more recent years, on social media.