Soccer Mommy Has Finally Made Her In-Person NPR Tiny Desk Concert Debut

Soccer Mommy is one of the most promising indie acts out now. The Nashville singer, real name Sophie Allison, blends soft rock and pop music elements to create irresistible tracks. Unfortunately, shortly after releasing her breakout sophomore album, Color Theory, in February 2020, a global pandemic shut the world down. However, the guitarist refused to let that slow down her momentum. Instead, the vocalist found a way to make it work while on lockdown, starting with an at-home NPR Tiny Desk performance the following month.

Now, nearly three since that self-produced session, Sophie has finally made her in-person debut at NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series. The rocker stopped by to play songs from that album as well as her latest album, Sometimes, Forever, including “Shotgun,” “Circle The Drain,” “Newdemo,” and “Still Clean.”

Joined by guitarist Julian Powell, keyboardist Rodrigo Avendano, bassist Nickolas Widener, and drum machiner Rollum Haas, Soccer Mommy delivers the performance fans have been patiently waiting for.

After the opening track, Sophie takes the time to address the crowd and recall back to her first appearance, “Thanks, y’all. Thank you for coming. I know those who will be watching this video can’t see that there are people here, but there are,” excitedly adding, “We’re finally doin’ it. ”

“[The band] was actually talking about it earlier. We were the first, or I guess it was just me, the first in-home tiny desk and the first [appearance] to be canceled as well,” said Sophie, “I think that was the first session-type thing I did as well. I did it on my iPhone because I didn’t have any of the gadgets people acquired over the pandemic for home videoing, but it was awesome. I’m happy to finally be home doing this.”

Watch the full performance above.