Soccer Mommy Releases The Supernatural Single ‘Newdemo’

Soccer Mommy’s singles from her forthcoming album Sometimes, Forever have been spectral. “Shotgun” was brooding with a catchy melody; “Unholy Affliction” was similarly detached but even more experimental; “Bones” felt like a return to her vulnerable, sparse sound from Clean.

“Newdemo,” the newest single, is out today. Like “Bones,” it sticks to the basics for the most part, with Sophie Allison playing an acoustic guitar and singing softly and earnestly, her words resembling poetry: “Sometimes I dream there’s a gate to a garden / That only the earth could break through / But what is a dream but a light in the darkness / A lie that you wish would come true.”

There’s some distortion and synths that lift the song into a different dimension, imbuing it with an ethereal atmosphere. It’s not necessarily dark or eerie like “Shotgun” or “Unholy Affliction”; it’s just supernatural.

“I didn’t want to make something super depressing without any sense of magic,” Allison said in a statement. “We played around with the space to make the song feel vast, so ‘Newdemo’ had a huge transformation in the studio. It’s one of my favorites off of the record.”

Listen to “Newdemo” above.

Sometimes, Forever is out 6/24 via Loma Vista. Pre-save it here.