Tame Impala’s ‘Is It True’ Gets A Full Electronic Rework Via A Four Tet Remix

Kevin Parker has been open to reinterpreting his new album, The Slow Rush, in recent times. He recently gave an acoustic performance of “On Track,” and he also re-worked “One More Year” as an 18-minute remix. Now, though, he has let somebody else do the heavy lifting: Today, he shared a new version of “Is It True,” which was remixed by Four Tet.

The fresh take on the song begins with plucked string and synth sounds that have popped up in Four Tet’s recent work before a subtle beat and Parker’s vocals emerge. The track picks up its energy from there slightly, but is generally a more ambient-leaning take on the original song.

Earlier this month, Tame Impala released a video for the original version of the song, and he was the one who did the remixing when he reinterpreted 070 Shake’s “Guilty Conscience” in July.

Four Tet is himself a prominent remixer; He flipped Caribou’s “Never Come Back” earlier this year, and he has also previously worked on songs by artists like Rihanna, Chvrches, Lana Del Rey, and a number of others. He is also fresh off the release of a new album of his own, Sixteen Oceans, which came out in March.

Listen to the Four Tet remix of “Is It True” above.