Matty Healy Only Seems Short Because The Rest Of The 1975 Are Huge, The ‘Sick To F*cking Death’ Singer Explained

Matty Healy has been doing a lot on The 1975’s At Their Very Best tour in promotion of their brilliant new LP Being Funny In A Foreign Language — from eating raw meat on his knees to making out with fans. He’s also been running into fans a bit before shows and having interesting interactions, the most recent one being about his height, which he is very passionate about.

In the video, he vehemently (and all in good fun) claims he’s around 5’11″or 6’0″ tall. While standing next to the fan and comparing his height to hers, he says, “How can I be f*cking 5’5″, 5’6″? I am sick to f*cking death of this. I am a big boy!”

This is also not the first time Healy has addressed the perception that he’s short. When asked in a 2018 interview if there are any misconceptions about him, he answered, “There must be, right? Because I’m a person, and I only give a way into what I’m like in interviews or records — which are a context. Everyone in the band is 6’4″ and I’m 5’10”, so everyone thinks that I’m 5’5″. That’s one of them [laughs].”

This is just one of many Healy clips to go viral as of late. A fan-favorite one includes him yelling at security in Auto-Tune during a song, “Someone’s fallen down over there,” he says. “Go and f*cking sort them out. Stop standing there like a bunch of d*ckheads.” There’s also an amazing roster of guests who’ve joined the band on the stage to perform, including Phoebe Bridgers for “Milk” and Jack Antonoff to play some Bleachers deep-cuts.