Phoebe Bridgers Performed ‘Milk’ At The 1975 Show (Where Matty Healy Also Ate More Meat)

The 1975, who are currently embarking on their At Their Very Best tour across the US, have had an interesting round of shows to say the least. Lead singer Matty Healy has appeared to eat raw meat, making out with several fans on stage, and alluded to the internet rumors that he’s “grooming” the audience.

Last night’s Los Angeles show at the Kia Forum was no different… except Healy opted for kissing his bandmate instead. In addition to the viral stage spectacles, fans were treated to a performance by Phoebe Bridgers, who played a cover of the band’s 2012 song, “Milk.”

Both her presence and the setlist addition surprised longtime fans, as the track is lesser-known in the band’s discography. From videos taken from the audience, Bridgers played “Milk” by herself, with just an acoustic guitar — giving a slower change of pace to the original song.

Bridgers has collaborated with The 1975 previously, as she is included on their 2020 album, Notes On A Conditional Form, for the mellow take of “Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America.” This year, she also appeared in the music video for “I’m In Love With You” as a hidden cameo.

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