Picking The Best Beer Festivals In The World

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best beer festivals in the world


Wherever you go, beer is a constant. A mug of amber suds transcends borders, time, and our ever-evolving palates. We’ve been drinking some variation of the stuff for well over 5,000 years now. Some evidence suggests it’s been at least 10,000 years. Either way, it’s been long enough for beer to have become an intrinsic part of the human experience. From the days of Gilgamesh to the Lil Xan era, gathering together and drinking beer to celebrate, commiserate, and contemplate the meaning of life has been a bedrock upon which humans build communities.

With all this history, hitting a modern-day beer festival should be high on all of our bucket lists. A great beer festival is an experiential gathering of people worshipping at the hops-malt altar while eating some seriously good food and partying with whoever happens to be standing next to them at any given moment. To put it more simply: Beer festivals are a f*cking blast.

It should be roughly 0.00% surprising that there are a lot of beer festivals in the world. And, you know, ranking them just doesn’t feel right. Is Oktoberfest better than The Great Taste Of The Midwest? Who’s to say? Let’s just go with a diplomatic, “they’re both great; enjoy them for what they are!” Instead of pitting the fests against one another, we’re simply sharing the ten best beer festivals that we deem “the best right now.” These are the picks worth buying a ticket and traveling for, even if you’re only a casual fan.

Brezn und Bier! ❤️ // 📸: @laineydecker

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