The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Tour Of Prague


There are few places on earth that are as beer-centric as Prague and the Czech Republic. Pilsner was invented in this part of the world, which led to endless lager descendants, which led to the American mega-breweries we know today. The problem with a place where beer is a core part of the cultural identity is that there will inevitably be an oversaturation of options. Some of these will surely be subpar money grabs that, in turn, can lead to over-priced disappointment.

We don’t want you falling into that crevasse of mediocrity, especially if you only have a few days in the city for your beer deep dive. So we decided to cobble together a list of beer stops that brewers and beer writers call home when they reach the spired city. These are places where you can while away an entire day and never have a bad mug of the sudsy stuff.

Some of these picks are straight up icons. Some of them are new and flashy. All of them are spot on for anyone planning a beer odyssey.

Crucial words to know before you go: Pivo (pee-vo) means “beer.” Prosim (pro-seem) means “please.” Jedno pivo, prosim means “one beer, please.” Diky (dee-key) means “thanks.” Na zdraví (nazdra-vee) means “cheers” (and make sure to look everyone in the eye when you do it). Světlý Ležák (sv-yet-lee lay-jacque) means “local pilsner.”