The Best Microadventure In Each Of The 50 States

Currently, Uproxx GPS is zeroing in on “microadventures” — day trips, quick jaunts, and small-scale explorations that will notch neatly into your busy life. As part of this initiative, we have been listing the best day trips for each state in five different regions of the country: The West, Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, and Northeast (and Washington DC).

Today we’re putting every single one of them together in this comprehensive round up.

It’s easy to believe that the “search for adventure” is the exclusive pursuit of a very specific group of people. Namely, the sorts of explorers that the average person reads about online. They have taut, muscular legs for climbing and winning smiles — both gorgeously highlighted on the ‘Gram. They winter in Bali and summer in Iceland. Meanwhile, the rest of us trudge from work to home and punctuate the routine with errands and drinks with friends. But what our Uproxx GPS series has been trying to do is to show readers that it’s relatively easy to give in to wanderlust and break from tedium.

YOU could be that adventurer. Seriously. You.

Microadventures only ask that you spend time outdoors during the time that you aren’t at work. In some cases, they only run from the time you get off one shift to the time that you show up for the next. Between 5pm and 8am, there’s plenty of time to take a hike, set up camp, and sleep wild. Or, you can take a whole weekend and give yourself more time for caving, bouldering, or biking. The options don’t end once you actually start planning these trips. You’ll find the entire country is covered in natural beauty, and you’re welcome in a lot of it.

What follows is our list of the very most exciting microadventure locations in the country. It features diamond harvesting, wild horses, fireflies that blink in tandem, and former pirate caves. Be warned: Once you read through it, your inner adventurer is going to start calling out to you. Loudly. So be ready to hit the road.

Alabama: Cathedral Caverns State Park

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Caves are so evocative. There are caves behind waterfalls. There are caves with dragons. There’s the Bat Cave. They incite the imagination and set a mood that is dripping with the essence of adventure — which is why every single one of the lists we’ve compiled includes caves and cavers, We love them. So, there was no doubt that we would push you to microadventure at Cathedral Caverns State Park.