An Insider Guide To Reykjavik: Where To Eat, Drink, Sleep, And Party

Iceland has becomes a hot spot for film and TV — Game of Thrones, Thor, Prometheus, and Star Wars were/are filmed there. When the movies and TV shows leave, the tourists arrive to live out real life adventures like their favorite on-screen heroes and heroines. Iceland has certainly benefitted from this bump, with a tourism industry that saw 1.5 million people visiting just last year.

The island country on everyone’s “Travel Hot List” is a little smaller than the state of Colorado, with a population of around 315,000 people. 125,000 of those people are in the capital city Reykjavik. That much open space combined with that small of a population gives Iceland a distinct… quaintness that pairs well with nation’s stunningly natural beauty.

Icelanders built new cruise ship docks and hotels are sprouting like weeds in Reykjavik, so expect tourism to only grow over the next few years. In fact, it might be time to go now — before the place is overrun with thousands of cruisers clogging the streets of the city on a daily basis. And given that any trip to Iceland is going to be based out of Reykjavik, we thought it’d be a good idea to get to know that city a little better and dig deeper with this Insider Travel Guide.

$1= 108 ISK


Reykjavik is a tiny city, or a big town if you will. You can easily walk across the central area in 30 to 40 minutes if the weather is cooperative. There’s a small bus network that’ll get you around to the main spots across the city if the weather isn’t so nice. And there are cabs, but they will be expensive. So, our advice is to find someplace that’s centrally located near Laugavegur Street (Reykjavik’s main drag) and set up camp.

The cheapest option here is going to be a hostel (well, camping if it’s the right season). Bus Hostel Reykjavik has dorm beds starting at $32 and private rooms are $105.

Airbnbs range from around $60 for a private room to $100 and above for a whole pad. Hotels are going to to set you back minimum $100 a night for the bare necessities with breakfast. If you’re able to spend a little more, we’re big fans of Alda Hotel, right on Laugavegur. This spot is the sort of style-infused, luxurious (but in a smart way), sleekly-designed hotel that people go crazy over. We can’t blame them. Get a haircut while hanging in the “Barber Bar” and you’ll see why people love the spot.

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