The Best Microadventures In Each Of The Southwestern States

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12.22.17 2 Comments
For the next month, Uproxx GPS is zeroing in on “microadventures” — day trips, quick jaunts, and small-scale explorations that will notch neatly into your busy life. As part of this initiative, we’re counting off the best day trips in five different regions of the country. Today we’re in the Southwest, where red rocks and deep canyons abound!

Last week we launched this series with a post about the best microadventures in each of the western states. Today, we continue our trek across the United States with stops in each state in the Southwestern region. If you missed last week’s entry and the interview with the man who coined the term microadventure,” let us catch you up: A microadventure is a small trip that allows you to be in nature. Maybe that means a campout in your yard, but it could also be a five-hour drive to get to the perfect campground. Think simple and cheap, but also exciting and enriching. The important thing is that you are outside, experiencing the world fully.

Since we are still in the West, the states can be giant (hello, Texas!), making picking a single locale a true challenge. And though we’re certain some of you would argue that we picked wrong, not a single one of you can say these trips don’t look like a damn good time.

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