The Best Microadventures In Each Of The Northeastern States

01.16.18 12 months ago 3 Comments


For the next few months, Uproxx GPS is zeroing in on “microadventures” — day trips, quick jaunts, and small-scale explorations that will notch neatly into your busy life. As part of this initiative, we’re counting off the best day trips in five different regions of the country. Today we’re in the Northeast — where you can spend the bulk of your time on the water and in old growth forests!

As the “Best Micro Adventures in Each State” articles and other pieces in our Uproxx GPS series have been driving home, a microadventure is simply a small sojourn in nature. It’s a time to step away from your phone and computer and immerse yourself in the wilderness for a bit. You don’t have to go far, and you don’t have to stay long. One night under the stars is satisfying enough to keep you grounded when you go back to the routines of your daily life.

In an effort to help you get your microadventure on, we’ve compiled five guides based on regions of the United States. Having covered the West, Southwest, Midwest, and Southeast, we are wrapping things up in the Northeast. These 11 states offer natural waterslides, spectacular multi-state views, and feral ponies. Yes. Wild f*cking horses.