The Best Microadventures In Each Of The Southeastern States

For the next month, Uproxx GPS is zeroing in on “microadventures” — day trips, quick jaunts, and small-scale explorations that will notch neatly into your busy life. As part of this initiative, we’re counting off the best day trips in five different regions of the country. Today we’re in the Southeast — where trees draped in Spanish moss and plunging waterfalls abound!

If you’ve been following Uproxx GPS, you know that a microadventure is a short trip to a natural locale near your home. It might be a twenty minute drive; it might be four hours away. Regardless, you will set up camp, get some shut eye under the stars, and spend some time hiking, biking, kayaking, horseback riding, or engaging in whatever outdoor activity appeals to you (even if that is just taking out your camera to snap some selfies).

To help you get your wanderlust on, we’ve created a state-by-state guide to the best microadventures on offer. So far, we’ve covered the West, Southwest, and Midwest. Today is all about the Southeast. These 11 states have some life-changing options for outdoor excursions, and picking just one led naturally to the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments. A lot of us are dead to one another now. Look, we take adventuring mad seriously (and are prone to dramatics).

You can skim this post for the states that you live in or near, but there’s also value in learning about the rest of the country, even if you’re never going to go to Florida or Arkansas. It’s impossible to read about the natural wonders in America without wanting to Google the shit out of your state — looking for waterfalls, caves, bouldering opportunities, and great hikes. These articles are to your bold spirit what Pinterest boards are to brides-to-be and crafters.

If you have other great options for microadventures in the Southeast, please share. We haven’t been everywhere, and we always love new ideas.

Virginia: False Cape State Park

If you’re going to get away from your daily life by basking in the outdoors, we think you get the most wanderlust satisfaction by going places that aren’t overrun with cars and other campers. That’s not always possible, and there are plenty of places that are crowded but still allow for pockets of isolation. However, when it is possible to get a little elbow room, you have to leap at the chance. False Cape State Park is that chance.

False Cape was so named because sailors often mistook it for Cape Henry — which sits farther north at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. This led boats and ships bound for Cape Henry to run aground in shallow waters. In the 16th or early 17th century, the community of Wash Woods was developed by survivors of just such a shipwreck, and they built structures using wood that washed ashore from a wreck.