BMW’s Motorrad Vision Next Is So Safe, It Can Be Ridden Without A Helmet

We spend a lot of time looking at the future of cars. Soon, cars will drive themselves, be powered by electricity, and network with each other to avoid accidents. But, of course, motorcycles are on the road as well, and what can self-driving tech and other ideas do for them? Apparently, create a motorcycle so safe you can jump on it without a helmet.

Obviously the Motorrad Next is a concept vehicle, but it’s a pretty interesting concept vehicle and a lot of the tech BMW is talking about here already exists. The visor in the video, for example, is already on the market in helmet form, with the Skully and the Guardian. The biggest change to the vehicle, by far, is self-balancing; as any cyclist can tell you, staying upright can be a struggle, so the idea that the bike will counterweight itself, making it easier to ride, is certainly an attention-getter, and something that’s been in the works with other companies for years. And BMW isn’t just being flashy — they argue that as cities become more crowded and parking becomes more of a squeeze, a stable, safe motorcycle will be a popular ride.

The question, of course, is when all this technology will appear and how much it’ll cost. One of the more convenient aspects of concept vehicles is that manufacturers don’t have to figure out how to mass-produce and sell all the cool stuff they’re showing off. But it’ll be interesting to see how much of this winds up on the market, and how it changes how people view motorcycles.

(Via YouTube)

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