Take A Wild, Stomach Churning Ride On This Boomerang Armed With A POV Camera

11.30.15 2 years ago

Boomerangs are majestic creatures, aren’t they? If you’ve got the skills, you can hurl one and it’ll come right back to you. Also… Nope, that’s all that TV has taught us. There’s probably other stuff too, we imagine.

Anyhoo, have you ever watched a boomerang fly through the air and wondered what its point of view looks like? Well, thanks to a slice of video from New Hampshire boomerang craftsmen (boomboy?) Victor Poulin, you can now experience what it’s like. He’s provided the world with a video that uses a Mobius camera to capture the glory of flight and give a healthy dash of motion sickness. If it’s your cup of rapidly spinning tea, you’ll be happy to know that Victor has made a sh*tload of these videos that can be viewed at your leisure. Beware! Turn your headphones super far down before hitting play or you’ll wind up an anguished mess on the floor.

If you only watch one “guy mounts a camera to a boomerang and then hucks it” video this year, make it this one. Well, unless Adele inexplicably does it and then by all means give that video top priority. C’mon Adelsy, hop to it. Make it happen.

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