Allow These Two Ladies To Teach You A Lesson About Eating The Carolina Reaper Pepper

The video above hit the internet back at the end of August and is making the rounds again thanks to some clever tweeting and the folks at Reddit. But away from those aspects, it deserves your attention because it shows how two ill-prepared ladies can be completely destryoed by the fearsome Carolina Reaper pepper.

We’ve seen professionals buckle under the heat from the Reaper in the past and we know exactly what will happen when a foolish child devours it, but these ladies should be the example from here on out. It’s your typical YouTube dare video and these girls are no different than any other smiling, happy young lady you might run into at the mall or at school. Then they eat the pepper and things change. They’re immediately destroyed it seems, almost to the point that you might believe it is fake. But it’s hard to fake that kind of howling, shaking, and terror.

Why people eat extremely hot things is beyond me, but it continues to happen. If you’re going to do it, you should at least prepare before hand and possibly have some milk nearby. Better yet, don’t eat the peppers. Go get a cheeseburger instead or maybe go on a nice long walk to ponder your place in the world. All a better use of your time.

(Via Reddit / Lizzy Wurst)