London-Based Duo Franc Moody Gives Us Their Local’s Guide For A Weekend In London

While we love nothing more than playing tourist right here in the US, there’s nothing quite like a legendary European tour. You’ll stop for a dreamy weekend in Paris then go party it up in Ibiza. Maybe you’ll even spark a vacation romance while staying in Santorini.

Of course, you’ll also want to stop for a few days in London. And sure, the tourist-centric city sites like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace might be worth your time. But what better way to experience such an iconic city than by taking top recommendations from London locals themselves?

To get the inside scoop on what’s really worth doing on a trip to London, we spoke to up-and-coming electro-funk duo Franc Moody — who both happen to be from London Town. Below, band members Jon Moody and Ned Franc share their top picks for where to play, eat, and party in London. Read their full guide and while you’re at it check out their latest singles “Mass Appeal” and “Raining in LA.”

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PART I — Where to Play

Jon Moody:

The Palm London
The Palm Pub

Go and grab a pint and check out the house band on a Saturday night at The Palm in Mile End! The pub’s still on its original ’70s decor and the bands has been playing there since time began.

A great local, east-end experience!

Ned Franc:

There are so many weird and wonderful things to do in London it’s really tricky to pinpoint one particular activity but here goes…I’ve got a miniature English Bull Terrier and live in South London, and one of my favourite things to do is to walk from Blackheath down through Greenwich Park and Greenwich itself before boarding a boat from Greenwich Pier to London Bridge and walking through Borough Market and grabbing something to eat. If you’re visiting London you need to see the river and this is a great way to do that.

PART II– Where to Eat

Jon Moody:

L’Angolo London

So much great food here it’s tricky to pick! Gotta be between a sandwich place or an Indian restaurant for me…There’s a little family-run Italian deli near our old studio in Kensal Rise called L’Angolo, which became the main source of fuel whilst writing and recording in that studio. Earth shatteringly good sandwiches and the loveliest guys who run it.

The only catch is the coma you’ll slip into post eating one of their finest two-feet sandwiches. Worth it!

Ned Franc:

The Camberwell Arms London
The Camberwell Arms

For consistently great food look no further than The Camberwell Arms, the Scotch Bonnet pork fat on toast kills me. Always awesome but if there’s no room there then grab the best falafels in town at the appropriately named Falafel & Shawarma about 30 yards up the road. Other than those two you HAVE to eat at some of the best greasy spoons in town too…The Regency Cafe in Pimlico, Tony’s Cafe in Bermondsey and many more.

Beans, black pudding, hash browns, a couple of bangers, and 17 fried eggs are possibly the only thing we Brits do right.

PART III — Where to Party

Jon Moody:

Thursday nights, St. Moritz Club, ‘Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues.’ This tiny underground SoHo sweatbox has kept our knees swinging and our feet tapping for years. Live rhythm and blues bands followed by DJs all night long with some of the best selection of R&B, jump shuffle, and aka.

I think it’s the longest-running club night in London!

Ned Franc:

For a guaranteed good night catch one of Hannah TW’s “LOCAL” nights. The night occurs (about) every two months at various imaginative spaces in South London and always has the best DJ lineups.