There’s Video Footage Of That Florida Man Throwing An Alligator Through A Wendy’s Drive Thru

Back in February, a 23-year-old Florida man named Joshua James threw a live alligator through the window of a Wendy’s drive thru. After his arrest, he told reporters that his pranking days were over.

Unfortunately for James, thanks to video surveillance and the internet, his prank will live on forever. The Wendy’s security footage of the incident is now online, and here is our close reading of it.

The footage begins with the woman working at the drive thru handing James his drink through the window, after which she moves to the side to put away his money. He looks once to make sure she’s out of the way (pretty considerate of James, given the context), then throws the alligator in before quickly driving away.

When the lady turns around and sees the off-screen alligator, she freaks out and cowers by the open window. Then she hoists herself up and climbs out of it to safety.

So how did this video surface? Nobody at TMZ paid thousands of dollars for it. Instead, the Smoking Gun obtained it through a Freedom of Information Act request. Apparently, there’s also a second video showing James voluntarily getting bitten by another alligator.

(Via The Smoking Gun)