CM Punk Will Actually Have The Lowest Rating Of Anyone On EA’s ‘UFC 2’ Video Game

Last week, everyone got all crazy over the idea that CM Punk – who’s yet to have single UFC fight or even show that he has any ability inside an octagon – was able to land an 85 rating on the new UFC game. Punk took to Twitter to address the “haters” and that was the end of that, it seemed. However, the 85 rating won’t stick. Brian Hayes, the creative director behind the game, went on Twitch (that’s still a thing) to discuss the controversy:

The Internet just lost it’s mind over CM Punk having an 85 rating. That’s not what his rating is going to be when the game comes out.
I’m pretty sure CM Punk, when the game locks in, is going to have the lowest overall rating in the game.

That’s more than fair. Obviously Punk hasn’t fought yet and there’s a steep learning curve to trying to knock someone out for real. All the discussion seems silly but people really care about this stuff. I don’t know why they didn’t just milk the Punk appeal by giving him his own Career mode where each gamer can ultimately determine how good he ends up being. That way we get one of their biggest stars as a selling point without worrying about his rating. As it stands, he’s just a character model and the rest is a blank canvas.

(Via Fox Sports)