Cody Garbrandt Knocked Out Thomas Almeida With A Brutal Series Of Bombs At UFC Fight Night 88

After seven (7!!!) decisions in a row, we were due for explosions in Las Vegas at UFC Fight Night 88. It was a perfect example of the stars aligning. We just knew we’d have fireworks with Thomas Almeida and Cody Garbrandt in the cage; it was inevitable. It was perfect. And the fight wasn’t lacking drama. Almeida was undefeated at 21-0, with 16 knockouts to his name. Garbrandt was walking into the Octagon undefeated at 8-0, with seven knockouts. The math led to a dangerous equation, and analogies were the only way to explain how hard-hitting this fight would be. And it was hard-hitting. It was so hard-hitting.

But despite the danger Almeida posed Cody Garbrandt stalked down the Brazilian and put his fists all over his face, dispatching the extremely-skilled Almeida in just over two minutes. He made it look easy. This is big for the bantamweight division. Garbrandt is a killer. Everyone is on notice.

So where does Garbrandt go from here? He clearly has a chip on his shoulder for not even being ranked in the top 15 of bantamweights, and Almeida was ranked #7, so Garbrandt could be looking at a lot of interesting fights. Bryan Caraway or John Dodson works for me.