Conor McGregor Caught On Hot Mic Calling Reporter A ‘Mush Head Donkey’

Canadian sports channel TNS’s Michael Landsberg didn’t make a very good impression on Conor McGregor yesterday when McGregor and Alvarez appeared on the show via satellite to answer a few questions. Landsberg has a reputation for asking provocative questions, and has peeved off Dana White and Chael Sonnen in the past. This time he suggested the belt stealing, chair tossing near brawl between Conor and Eddie at the UFC 205 press conference was a WWE style set up. Conor McGregor did not appreciate it.

“He’s a fuckin’ donkey! He’s an idiot!” McGregor declared as UFC employees switched the feed to the next interview, unaware that his mic was still hot and now feeding into another another studio. “He’s a big mad head on him. He’s a dope. He’s a mad mush head or something. He looks like a burns victim or something.”

The feed was now with New Zealand channel PrimeTV’s Andrew Mulligan, who reacted in confusion as he listened to Conor’s disses and ended up thinking McGregor was talking about him. Through the video, McGregor groused that he’d been doing interviews too long and about the scripted conference questions. He threatened walk if the next interview wasn’t Sportscenter, and followed through once he realized he was talking to PrimeTV and not ESPN.

At least PrimeTV got a pretty funny clip out of it!