Conor McGregor: ‘I Would Beat Robbie Lawler For The Welterweight Title’

Conor McGregor is a very terrifying human being. You know how fighters always say crazy things about what they’ll do to their opponents, only you can tell it’s all part of the showmanship? It seems like McGregor would very much enjoy snapping your bones and watching you cry about it.

The UFC lightweight champion’s fight with Rafael dos Anjos was canceled this weekend, which got McGregor thinking about facing Robbie Lawler at a future date for the welterweight championship. Via Fox Sports, McGregor says he respects Lawler, but, you know, he’s prepared to destroy him because that’s what he does.

“I like Robbie. I won’t say a bad word about Robbie. He fights with his heart. He’s been around the game so, so long but if we fought, I would beat Robbie. I’m too fast, the size difference is nothing. I’ve stood beside him. I’ve seen him,” McGregor said.

“I do like Robbie. I respect him as a champion, as a man that drifted off, came back, stayed on it and rose up as the welterweight champion. We’ll see how that goes. That is appealing to me. We’ll see.”

McGregor also talked about fighting at middleweight down the road. But poor Lawler. Fighting is crazy. At your job, you get a text that reads, “McGregor wants you to work late Friday.” At Lawler’s job, he probably got a text that read, “McGregor wants to beat you up in the near future.” That’s when I’d leave the country, no matter which text it was.

(Via Fox Sports)