Cris Cyborg On Ronda Rousey: ‘Tomorrow She Want To Fight, I Fight!’

After every quick Ronda Rousey victory, people line up to ask the UFC champion if she will finally face off against Brazilian wrecking ball Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino. And every time Ronda responds that she’ll fight her … but only at 135 pounds. Meanwhile, what are Cris Cyborg’s thoughts on the situation? She recently made an appearance on Sportscenter calling for the fight to happen now.

“I’m ready. I’ve been ready for this fight a long time. I think if they still want to make this fight happen, they have the power to do it. I’m ready. Tomorrow she want to fight, I fight.”

“You know Ronda Rousey has already cleared out her division and now she’s in fight number 3 with Miesha Tate which shows for us she’s already cleaned out her division. And when a champ cleans the division, everyone knows the champ goes up [in weight]. I’m champion at 145, and on the scale I can drop to 140 to fight her.”

“The right way would be for her to fight at 145 because all the champs do this when they clean their division. And I say I drop to 140 to make this fight happen. I cannot change this, if they still want to make this fight, they have the power to do this.”

Cyborg then responded to recent quotes from Ronda Rousey calling her a steroid cheat:

“She can not say anything about my doping. I did this 2011 and already passed six test in the same way she’s doing in the same organization. I’m in the UFC too, but in Invicta. But it’s all the same commissions. I don’t think it’s right she say something with no proof.”

Cyborg actually went further on Twitter, threatening to sue Ronda Rousey if she continued to repeat the steroid allegations. Her manager clarified their position on that in a seperate Sportscenter interview, saying Rousey’s intentionally “reckless” comments make a libel case possible even with the strong free speech protections built into California state laws.

So there’s a chance we might see Rousey vs Cyborg go down in a courtroom rather than a cage. Which would be unfortunate for everyone who just wants to pay $60 to see them duke it out.

(Via Sportscenter)