UFC Star Frankie Edgar Let Everyone Know ‘The D*ck Is Okay’ After His Surgery

A groin injury sunk Frankie Edgar‘s hopes to fight in Brooklyn for UFC 208. That’s lousy (but understandable) news for fight fans and the silver lining is that the MMA vet’s recent surgery seemed to go well. Says who? Says chief bathing suit area surgery evaluation correspondent Frankie Edgar on Instagram.

“My dick hurts,” explained a groggy post-surgery Edgar. “The dick is okay, but around it hurts.”

This naturally set the stage for a bit of friendly groin injury surgery banter.

“Well, we don’t known if it’s still attached, we haven’t seen it yet,” offers the videographer.

“I feel it, it’s down by my knee,” replied Edgar.

The 35-year-old fighter gave a less dick-focused update in the Instagram video’s accompanying caption. #AnesthesiaGotMeLikeWhoa makes a necessary appearance.

“Groin surgery was a success.” begins the Garden State athlete’s text. “Was trying to get on the Brooklyn card but couldn’t get the deal done. So took care of a nagging injury. Shouldn’t be out too long!”

At the moment, Edgar has an interesting landscape ahead of him. Since switching to featherweight in 2013, the former UFC Lightweight champion has bested the likes of Jeremy Stephens, Chad Mendes and Cub Swanson while only suffering Ls (two of ’em) to Jose Aldo. Featherweight is currently a murky division to pin down thanks to a title picture that includes a “stripped” belt (Conor McGregor’s), the current belt (Jose Aldo’s) and Max Holloway picked up the interim strap in Toronto. Fixing a nagging injury is no doubt a positive for Edgar and he now gets the added bonus of watching a division filled with questions attempt to sort itself out with the ghost of a certain Irish money magnet looming overhead.