Joe Rogan Thinks Conor McGregor Can Win The UFC Welterwight Title As Well

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You can add Joe Rogan to the growing chorus of voices calling for Conor McGregor to try and take three UFC belts. McGregor made history over the weekend at UFC 205, becoming the first UFC fighter to ever hold two championship belts at the same time. And considering how easily he dispatched Eddie Alvarez, many are thinking he could possibly become a three division champion. Standing in McGregor’s way: current 170 pound champ Tyron Woodley.

“I think Conor might even fight Woodley,” Rogan said on his podcast after UFC 205. “Do you know how crazy it would be if he decided to go up in weight and fight Woodley? I say let him do it. Let him try. I bet Woodley would say it. Woodley will say let him try. You know how big Woodley looks compared to him? It’s so bizare looking at Woodley inside the Octagon. He’s the most jacked dude other than Yoel Romero.”

The size difference is noticeable. At the commission weigh-ins during UFC 205 weekend, McGregor and Woodley ended up having a tense confrontation_that saw them standing chest to chest and Woodley looked twice as thick as the lightweight Irishman. But as Conor has said many times, speed beats power and precision beats speed. At this point, McGregor seems capable of hitting his opponents right on the chin with laser pinpoint accuracy from any angle. Woodley has a less accurate bomb of an overhand right, and his wrestling. Oh, and probably 40 pounds of muscle.

Whatever the case, McGregor and the UFC will have to work out their differences first before any of this is even a remote possibility. After dusting Eddie Alvarez, Conor McGregor demanded the new UFC ownership from WME / IMG call him, and said he wouldn’t be back without some serious equity in the company. Knowing McGregor, that’s another crazy fight he’s serious about winning … one he just might, too.