Watch This MMA Fighter Land A WWE Style Powerbomb Slam On His Opponent

As much as fans of both hate to admit it, there’s a lot of overlap between the sports of mixed martial arts and pro wrestling. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Japan where they still to this day are putting aging puroresu legends in the ring with actual fighters. The results of those clashes aren’t always pleasant to watch, but I think we can all agree that seeing a move we previously thought only possible in the WWE being pulled off in the cage is something special.

There’s a fine history of pro wrestling moves being pulled off in mixed martial arts, and you can peruse a pretty extensive list of the best examples right here at UPROXX. And now, another picture perfect powerbomb slam can be added to the list thanks to Buren Wuliji at last weekend’s Superstar Fight 7 event from Hunan, China.

Not only did the featherweight Wuliji’s powerbomb slam look good, it was super effective as well, TKOing his opponent Beno Adamia.

While nothing will ever come close to being as epic as the slam dealt out by Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson on Ricardo Arona back in the glory days of PRIDE, we’re glad to see new generations are still throwing their opponents around in brutal and exciting fashion.

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(via Grabaka Hitman)