‘An Opportunity To Be Brilliant’: Watch Ronda Rousey Talk About What Motivates Her

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Ronday Rousey appeared on CBS This Morning on Wednesday to promote her book My Fight/Your Fight and her Aug. 1 title fight with Bethe Correia at UFC 190. The conversation touched on a variety of topics, including her long, drawn-out, increasingly dark feud with Correia in the build-up to their fight. That particular topic arose from a conversation about how fast her fights tend to be:

Tracy: Why are these fights so short? Are you simply that good?

Rousey: Yes. [laughs] If I finish the fight quickly, that’s me being nice. If I drag it out, that means I do not like you. This next chick [Correia], I do not like.”

Though she laughed through that answer, the barely concealed menace in her voice is scarier than any threatening Instagram post. It’s much harder to fake anger on camera than it is on the internet. Rousey went on to assert that she made sure UFC 190 would be in Rio so she could “humiliate” Correia in front of her supporters.

Rousey also revisited her frustration with her Olympic career, and defended her brash confidence (which nearly every fighter who’s ever been on TV has employed). It’s a worthwhile 5 minutes to spend while you wait for the next piece of Rousey-Correia smack talk.

(Via CBS)