Ronda Rousey Angrily Responds To Holly Holm’s Cheap Shot In A Scathing Instagram Post

Ronda Rousey’s fight with Holly Holm was supposed to be straightforward. Holm was the respectful boxer who hadn’t been all that impressive in her MMA career. But she posed a different kind of challenge for Ronda because of her punching ability. And up until Friday night’s weigh-in, not much had been said between the two. The normal bickering Ronda does before matches had been toned down, replaced with fluff interviews about her life and career.

Then the scuffle happened. And sure, it was probably made for TV and at this point, those weigh-ins might as well be sponsored by the WWE. But, whatever. It happened. And Holm got the upper hand with the “push in the face” heard ’round the world.

(By the way, Ronda caused the punch by lifting Holm’s arms…but I digress).

Anyway, all that led up to a nasty little Instagram post from Ronda Rousey. One in which she called Holm a “fake ass cheap shooting fake respect fake humility bitch.” Tell us how you really feel Ronda.

Fake ass cheap shotting fake respect fake humility bitch – “preacher’s daughter” my ass – I see through your fake sweet act now – you’re getting your ass kicked tomorrow, and I’m really going to enjoy the beating I give you #andSTILL

And that’s where we’re at just hours ahead of UFC 193. Contrived bullsh*t that likely sold a few thousand more pay-per-views.