Ronda Rousey’s Weigh-In For UFC 207 Was Her 10-Second Media Appearance For The Weekend

Ronda Rousey has officially made weight for her UFC 207 fight this Friday against women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes. The official weigh-in for the card has been going on all morning at the hotel holding many of the fighters, while ceremonial weigh-ins open to the public will be held later tonight at T-Mobile Arena. At around 10AM Vegas time, Rousey quickly appeared, weighed in at 135 on the nose, and then just as quickly disappeared.

Rousey may have plans to drop her reclusive act sometime over fight weekend, but it didn’t happen this morning. Other than one quick smile as she stepped on the scale, Ronda’s face was emotionless as she got in and out in under 10 seconds. It seems like she’s now even faster with her public appearances than she’s been in the cage, where her fights often finish in less than a minute.

The returning former champion looked pale but composed, a good sign that her weight cut has been easy for her this time around. Much has been made of Ronda’s physical transformation leading up to this fight, with even her official Instagram account showing off the difference between Rousey’s body shape leading up to the Cat Zingano fight in February of 2015 and now.

But with Rousey’s continued refusal to even look the press and fans in the eye, questions remain about her mental state coming into the most high pressure fight of her career. With a dangerous opponent like Amanda Nunes ready to take her head off at the slightest misstep, Friday night’s results are far from certain.